PREVIEW: Summer Films – Jurassic World, Incredibles 2, Ant-Man and the Wasp

There is a vast range – and volume – of films coming out this summer, and it’s safe to say  that I’m pretty excited about it. Here’s a quick list of the films that I’m most excited about..

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

It was a beautiful summer’s day (I know this sounds like the beginning of a Year 7’s first creative writing project, but bear with me) when I went to see the first Jurassic World, so I don’t know if the warm weather had put me in a particularly good mood, but I loved this film. It was great. And (please don’t hate me) I hadn’t, and still haven’t, seen any of the Jurassic Park films. Nor did I have to, to enjoy this film. It was a really exciting family film, with some good action and – abeit quite annoying at times – relatively decent characters.

As such, I’m quite excited to see what this film has in store. The plot – which is basically like a heist, in which the dinosaurs on the island have to be saved before being devoured by molten lava from an erupting volcano – looks really unique, and should lend itself to some really cool story-lines, if done right. The choice to appoint J. A. Bayona as director could also work really well, given his history with directing creepy thrillers and eerie fantasy flicks. I’m expecting a lot of tense and almost horror-style moments – especially based on the dramatic final trailer. The film is also going to introduce some amazing new cast members, such as Toby Jones, and re-introduce everyone’s (or at least a lot of people’s) favourite eccentric Hollywood star, Jeff Goldblum – which should make things even more interesting.

So, in a wor(l)d, I think this film is going to be exciting, and I’m looking forward to it.

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Predicted rating: 8/10

Incredibles 2

To quote Darth Sidious, I’ve waited a long time for this moment. 14 years to be exact. I remember being a wee six year old, sitting in the cinema, mesmerised by what – for a long time – was my favourite film. I played the games, Incredibles and Incredibles 2, in their entirety. And I used Dash as my inspiration before running the 150m for district sports in Year 3 – with his inspiration helping me to win the race and become a hero in my school (okay, I lied – I came third and no-one really cared except my parents, but still). In sum, The Incredibles is a pretty big deal to me.

So, there’s no pressure for this film, is what I’m saying. None at all. Nadda. Don’t even care.

But in all seriousness this film does look like it could be great. Lord knows they’ve had long enough to plan it out. I think the idea of Mr Incredible, in his mind the Incredible, being sidelined because of his badass wife could lead to some really funny and charming moments – especially because Jack-Jack, the crazy little guy, will play a central role in the film. I think, like Jack-Jack, this film will be unpredictable and crazy. And I think hope pray that they get it right. There’s a lot riding on this, for myself and the majority of people my age, so there is a lot of pressure. Here’s hoping they make it funny, entertaining and action-packed. That’s not asking for too much, right?

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Predicted rating: 8/10.

Ant-Man and the Wasp

I would not want to be the Marvel film following up from Infinity War. I mean, how could you follow up from the craziest, most action-packed, highest-grossing and most talked-about film of the year? Well, that burden falls on Ant-Man and the Wasp, which also follows up from one of Marvel’s weaker films – both in terms of box office returns and audience reception – Ant-Man. And, if I’m honest, the trailers have done very little to suggest that this film will reach anywhere near the level of Infinity War, in terms of quality and talk-about-ability (it’s a word, look it up (please don’t look it up)).

Yet despite the worrying signs, I think this could be a decent film. Not brilliant, but decent. Firstly, it has Paul Rudd as the leading actor. I would watch any film with Paul Rudd as the lead. He’s one of the best comedic actors around and I’m super glad he’s in the MCU. Secondly, it has a good cast in general. Obviously, Michael Pena was a big feature of the first film, and I think he’ll be funny again here. But it also has big hitters such as Michael Douglas, Michelle Pfeiffer and Laurence Fishburne who should really carry the story through. Finally, it hasn’t had a production meltdown, like the first film. As far as I’m aware, there has been no issue with directorial resignations or writing-team break-ups, which means that this film should be bit more smooth and coherent than its predecessor. When you put all of this together – and the fact that it is a Marvel film, after all – it should be a pretty decent watch.

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Predicted rating: 7/10.

– G


‘A Quiet Place’ Film Review

I hate horror films. They’re often cliche. The acting is often terrible. And they often scare the crap out of me.. (Okay, I lied. They always scare the crap out of me). But this was a really good, inventive and captivating film with a really unique concept.

The Positives

This film is a really interesting and (strangely, considering it was nerve-racking) enjoyable horror film. What makes it so good is its uniqueness. Personally, I’ve never seen anything like it – a silent horror (well, near enough). Which makes me wonder, why haven’t there been many silent horrors before? It makes sense. It sets up so many opportunities to create tension for the audience – which Krasinski capitalises on brilliantly. Any individual sound can put the characters, and the audience, on edge. Jump-scares have an even greater impact. And it provides a level of immersion in this world that makes you feel a part of this family’s eerie and terrifying experience. What makes this so enjoyable, for me, is the fact that Krasinski opts more for tension over horror. Rather than using the psychological-visual effects of a film like ‘Sinister’ – which stopped me from sleeping for a lot longer than I’d like to admit – this film is more of a ‘Jaws’-like terror, making the horror aspects exciting and unpredictable, which helps to keep the audience on edge throughout.

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The acting in this film is also incredible. This cast feels like a real family, which is no doubt helped by the off-screen relationship of Krasinski and Blunt. These two work so well with the kids, and you feel a real sense of togetherness and care, helping to take the tension up to another level as you become invested in this family’s relationships. As always, Emily Blunt is incredible. She plays the role of caring mother incredibly well, but still demonstrates her character’s resilience and intelligence in difficult moments. Blunt’s main scene, in which she has to navigate giving birth and having a 3-inch nail pierced into her foot, all whilst avoiding a giant monster that will devour her if she so much as winces, is possibly the star performance of the entire film. It’s pure tension, leaving the audience cringing and urging her on in equal, extensive measure. Millicent Simmonds also deserves special recognition. I think it’s great that Krasinski took the chance of having a deaf character played by a deaf actor. Not only does it do incredible things for the disabled acting community, but it really helps to add another layer to the film. The scenes with Simmonds are some of the most tense, using the pure silence to build suspense and Simmonds’ incredible acting to really drill that suspense into the audience.

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Finally, although I’ve briefly mentioned it before, the sounds of this film are incredible. The sounds team deserves so much credit for creating the eerie, edge-of-the-seat atmosphere for this film. Every scene, although mostly in near-silence, has carefully picked-out sounds and effects that fully immerse the audience. You feel like you’re there, and you’re constantly listening out for any slight sound that could potentially attract the monster – and the next big jump-scare. The noises that the monsters make are also impressive. They’re so unique and haunting, creating a truly extra-terrestrial presence that engulfs each scene with suspenseful terror.


The only, relatively minor, negative is that the film does engage in some horror cliches. For example, quite a few of the jump-scares are too easy, and get quite annoying. On too many occasions have jump-scares been brought about by rats jumping out of nowhere or a bloody hand slapping against a slightly-transparent surface. This film is too smart and unique to engage in such cliches, so I felt a bit disappointed that it took this easy option on numerous occasions.

This was a really unique, tense and gripping horror film that will go down as a classic. Major credit goes to Krasinski for seeing this incredible project through in incredible style.

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– G

Tomb Raider Review

I think it’s safe to say that this film didn’t do too well with the critics… It has a 46 score from Metascore and only 49% on Rotten Tomatoes. And, if I’m honest, I can see why. There were a lot of problems with this film, yet I think there is a lot more to enjoy than these figures would have you believe.


First, though, I will get the negative stuff out of the way. The first, and most obvious, issue I had was with the script. Many adventure films struggle with cliche, overly-dramatic and sometimes straight-up cringeworthy dialogue – and this film was no different. The line “I’m not that kind of Croft” sticks most prominently in my head. I mean, what is that? What does it mean? This sort of low-level script-writing featured heavily throughout the film, and I have to admit that it was probably even worse than what you usually find in your average adventure flick.

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This script was particularly harsh on Lara’s father, Richard (played by Dominic West). Every time he spoke, I shut off – so much so that, during one of the big moments of dialogue between Richard and Lara, I took the liberty of nipping off for a pee because I knew I wouldn’t miss anything of substance. The moments between these two never really did anything to keep me interested, despite the continued effort of the film to build a good chemistry.

Finally, the film did take a little while to get going. I get that, with films like this, you have to set the scene and demonstrate how a character like Lara got the skills that she has. Yet I personally feel that it could have been done in a quicker, or at least more relevant, manner. Granted, there is a pretty cool bicycle chase scene (which I never thought would be cool), but for the majority of the first half an hour, I was relatively uninterested.


The main positive is that this was a good adventure film. I think one problem a lot of critics have is that they expect every film to be a ‘Three Billboards’ level of quality film-making – but that’s not what films like this are about. Adventure films such as this shouldn’t be taken too seriously. At the end of the day, you’re there to watch an enjoyable, fun and exciting film – and that’s what this is. It’s really fun. The action in the film, which is the most important element of films like this, was really good. I think saying it was realistic would be over-doing it a little, but there was certainly an element of realism that makes the action more intense, allowing the audience to feel part of Lara’s struggles. It was unpredictable and really-well shot, and it leaves you longing for the next burst of excitement.

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I also have to give props to Alicia Vikander, because I think she was a really good Lara Croft. The character of Lara is a cool, inspirational, bad-ass woman and Vikander manages to pull this off with her sassy, no-nonsense approach to the character. Lara is fearless, and you see this through Vikander’s performance. Vikander also helps to further the realism aspect, with her reactions to the action (I’m a straight up poet, dawg) helping you to feel what Croft feels. It’s not about loud, exaggerated screams with Vikander, she manages to react in much more subtle ways to ensure that you know when she’s struggling. She keeps it real.

Sure, there are issues with this film. But this is a very fun and exciting action film that does justice to the Tomb Raider franchise. 7/10

– G

10 Favourite Films of the Year

1. Blade Runner 2049

A cinematic masterpiece. Every shot was genuinely beautiful. Ryan Gosling was a brilliant heir to Harrison Ford’s leading role. Although, Harrison was brilliant himself. The theme and feel of the film was perfectly in-keeping with that of the original. The world-building was also perfect. The emotional moments properly hit you hard. Yes, it’s a long – and very slow – film. But when it’s a work of art like this one, you have to just sit back and enjoy every moment. 10/10

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2. Logan

A gritty, brutal film that absorbs you from start to finish. The perfect send-off for Hugh Jackman’s incredible Wolverine – I feel for whoever comes in to replace him, because they won’t do a better job. The characters work really well together. The plot is simple yet unpredictable, providing loads of cool twists. The action is intense and very personal. That little kid is genuinely terrifying. This is a film that will leave a mark on you for a long time after you stop watching. 10/10

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3. Baby Driver

An incredible bit of film-making by Edgar Wright. A properly unique, gripping film from start to finish. Has some really unexpected turns and an unpredictable plot. The acting from all the cast is incredible (if you just ignore that Kevin Spacey is in it). The soundtrack is possibly my favourite of all time – up there with Lost in Translation and Drive. The romantic subplot is really engaging. The chase scenes, both on foot and in cars, are intense. Pretty much everything about this movie is great. 9.5/10

(Full review here:

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4. Thor: Ragnarok

I’ve been one of the few people, it seems, to properly enjoy all Thor films. But this is easily, easily, the best – and is probably in my top 3 Marvel films of all time. Waititi is the star of the show, not just for his incredibly immersive and enjoyable directorial stuff, but also for his portrayal of the hilarious character, Korg. Hemsworth is, again, incredible – and works really well with Mark Ruffalo. The world-building is fun and stylish. This is a really refreshing take on the Marvel universe. The only issue is the big, explosive clamatic fight which seems to plague every Marvel film. 9/10.

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5. Wonder Woman

Finally a really good film from DC, which we haven’t had for a while – and it doesn’t look like we will again any time soon. But Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman is a really likeable, empowering character who can provide inspiration for a new generation of young girls. The interaction between Gadot and the ‘normal’ people of the time is properly funny. The relationship between Gadot and Pine is great. The majority of the big moments really hit home. The only negative is the (admittedly terrible) ending fight. 9/10

(Full review here:

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6. Dunkirk

One of the most impressive shows of cinematography I’ve seen. On the big screen you feel truly immersed, feeling every bullet fired and bomb dropped. Multiple storylines were expertly woven together throughout the film. Great acting from everyone involved – yes, even from Harry Styles – with little to work with. 9/10.

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7. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 

A great follow-up to one of the best Marvel films of all time. Guardians 2 manages to keep its humour and charm whilst developing a more heartfelt and engaging storyline. Has one of the most emotional moments in the MCU – with all of the cast doing a great job in their roles. Mantis is a great addition to the team. Does probably try to fit too much in. 9/10

(Full review here:

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8. Kingsman: The Golden Circle 

Brilliant fight scenes. Taron Egerton was incredibly good. Some brilliant acting all round from those like Julianne Moore, Mark Strong and, of course, Sir Elton John. The American lot were much better than I expected. Very funny overall. Probably tried too hard to be bigger and bolder than the last film. Not enough Harry! 8/10

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9. John Wick 2

Another action-packed, well-choreographed addition to the John Wick series. Ending sets up nicely for the next film. The storyline is probably better than the first film, but doesn’t quite have the same impact as its predecessor. 7.5/10

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10. American Made

A fun, gripping adventure with an enjoyable rise-and-fall storyline. Good acting from the cast. Some funny moments. One of the surprises of the year. 7/10

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– G

MARVEL’s ‘The Punisher’: Season 1 REVIEW

Well, that was intense. After the pretty damp squib of The Defenders (see our review of that here), this was a return to the proper Netflix Marvel world that I fell in love with when watching the first series of Daredevil. It was bloody and gory, there were twists and turns, and the acting from the main characters was simply incredible. Despite the relatively poor ratings from critics (61% on Rotten Tomatoes – really?), this was a proper success for all viewers – whether you like Marvel or not. It did away with all the mystical bullshit that consumed programmes such as Iron Fist, and got back to the brutal basics.

For sure, one major highlight of this series was the gripping work of Jon Bernthal. For me, despite Marvel making some questionable casting choices throughout the years, they got this one absolutely spot on. I’d only recently watched Fury when the news broke of him being cast for this role, and I was incredibly excited to see what he could do. He gave some glimpses of his ability to portray the tortured, morally-conflicted ex-marine in Daredevil Season 2, but here you feel the full force of his work. The fact that he can say much with just a few grunts and ‘yeah’s shows you his ability to make this mysterious, broken character work so well. His acting during all flashbacks to his family really shows his torment, and truly makes the viewer emphasise with his conviction to full-scale, rage-driven vengeance. That brings me to another point: Bernthal is a beast, and he truly shows it during the fight scenes. I saw a comment on Facebook say he’s too scrawny to be the Punisher. If this guy thinks Bernthal is scrawny, I’d like to stay away from his neighbourhood. He is a machine.

Image result for punisher season 1 gif

Yet despite his rage-fuelled brutality, some of the best parts of this series are in his relationship with Lieberman (brilliantly played by Ebon Moss-Bachrach) and his family. While we all love the war-mongering, blood-shedding Frank Castle, I find that the relationship between these guys creates some of the most touching  moments, again helping to create a weird sort of empathy for Bernthal’s character. I think it must be incredibly difficult to make such a violent character seem vulnerable, but Bernthal manages it time and again – and it really hits you hard. The feels man, the feels.

The bad guys – you know I love talking about the bad guys – were also incredibly good at being dicks. I mean total dicks. In fact, they’re so good at it that it makes you feel as though you’re with Frank on his journey of vengeance, forever pushing him to get his revenge – and do it in the most merciless fashion. Again, the ability for this show to create an empathy for this merciless character is seen – and is an incredibly difficult task to pull off.

Image result for lieberman season 1 gif

That, finally, brings me to the writing team, who deserve a lot of credit. They are majorly responsible for this creation of empathy, using Frank’s heartbreaking backstory to full effect right until the very last moments. The twists are brilliantly done, even if they are difficult to take. And they do a great job of knitting together numerous seemingly unrelated events into one single story arc. These guys, with the directing and choreography teams, also create some of the best and most satisfying fight scenes in the Netflix world – and I admire them for not being afraid to make things gory. After all, this is the Punisher.

All in all, this has to rival Daredevil as one of my favourite Marvel productions. It has everything you could possibly want from a Punisher series – blood, gore, empathy and heartbreak. Give it a watch, or you will be punished. (You won’t, but you will definitely miss out).

A return to the dark, gritty world that made Netflix’s take on Marvel so compelling 

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– G

‘The Red Turtle’ – Movie Review

The Red Turtle 3

I’ve just finished watching the animated film ‘The Red Turtle’ and I had to write about it. It’s safe to say that I had absolutely no high expectations or hopes for this film to be great after hearing that the film was just ‘okay’ or ‘decent enough’, it stands at only 76% on Trakt and 7.6/10 on IMDB. After finishing this film however I have to admit that I’m in love with it. I’m sitting here trying to currently think of a flaw for the film and I genuinely can’t grasp a hold of one.

The Red Turtle 4

The winner and element of this film that makes it stand out is the animation, a character of its own and every single frame of this movie is a work of art, something you could use for your desktop background or a nice framed poster. It’s an animation style that I’ve never seen before and wouldn’t hesitate in seeing another film that looks as beautiful as this again. The bright colours of the sea, forest, sky and sandy beaches stand out, making this one of the best looking films I’ve ever seen.

The Red Turtle 5

This story is at its core (without any major spoilers) about a man who washes up on shore, alone and must use the environment around him to survive. I enjoyed this element of the film but it wasn’t until around the 40th minute where I went from enjoying it to falling in love with it. As I said, no spoilers but the film took a really unexpected turn for me and I’m glad it went down this path. It’s a fairly simple story don’t get me wrong, but it doesn’t ever try to be something too over dramatic and ruin what it had. There is almost no dialogue here, there must be a total of 25 words in this film and they’re mostly just grunts or sounds at best.

The Red Turtle 6

I don’t want to get too much into what I really liked about ‘The Red Turtle’ as that would jump into spoilers but this film is 75 minutes in total which is nothing, it honestly flies by and you’d be a fool to not at least give this a try, if anything just to appreciate some of the framing and work that went into it. We need more films like this and ‘The Red Turtle’ is a masterpiece that I won’t soon forget.

– ‘The Red Turtle’ – 9.6/10

The Red Turtle 2

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Review: Season 5 Episode 1

So, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is back after what was an incredible fourth season. And I can safely say that I am majorly buzzed to see what this season brings. This first episode picks up a couple of months after (SEASON 4 SPOILER ALERT) Jake and Rosa are wrongly sent to prison after being framed by crooked cop Lieutenant Hawkins (Gina Gershon), and Brooklyn uses the prison scene to push a slightly darker, Always Sunny-esque type of humour, as well as again pushing to expose the problems that occur in the real world – shining a light on the problem of prisoner mistreatment in the United States. Jake’s cell-mate, Caleb (played by Tim Meadows), spearheads this darker humour, with the stories from his cannibalistic background bringing an edgy breath of fresh air to the show.

Andy Samberg, obviously, is again excellent in this episode, with his subtlety once again making every moment of his hilarious. The interactions between Peralta and Santiago are also super sweet, with these two continuing to be my favourite on screen couple. Jo Lo Truglio (as Charles Boyle) is also brilliant, with the absence of Jake in his life making him even stranger. Yet the highlight of the episode was actually Hitchcock (played by Dirk Blocker), with his increasingly-disgusting behaviour and insanely weird comments providing the funniest moments of the episode.

Image result for brooklyn 99 season 5 episode 1

This was a super strong start to the season, with an increasingly-intriguing storyline, headed by the interaction between Peralta and prison gang-leader Romero (Lou Diamond Phillips), nicely setting up Episode 2.

– G

Marvel’s The Defenders (TV Review)

Before I fully start this review, I think it’s important to list the current IMDb scores of the four individual series for each of these characters (at the time of writing):

  • Daredevil: 8.7
  • Jessica Jones: 8.2
  • Luke Cage: 7.6
  • Iron Fist: 7

Why is this important? Well, the performance of these characters within The Defenders pretty much directly correlates with their rankings within IMDb – with Daredevil (Charlie Cox) and Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) easily providing the most enjoyment, with Luke Cage (Mike Colter) being cool in places, and Iron Fist (Finn Jones) just kind of.. there. Sadly, this programme’s main focus is on Iron Fist, and his role within The Hand’s plan for gaining unlimited power. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that Finn Jones does a poor job, or that Iron Fist is particularly annoying – it’s just that he is by far the least interesting character out of the four, leaving me longing for the return of Jessica, Daredevil et. al. whenever they leave the screen.

Image result for the defenders gif

For me, this focus on the lighter style of Iron Fist and, admittedly to a lesser extent, Luke Cage, as opposed to the unmitigated grit of the Daredevil and JJ series, led to a programme that, at times, showed a closer resemblance to Agents of Shield than the shady, brutal Netflix world that Marvel had previously created – which was a shame. While there was, for sure, some pretty gruesome violence throughout (if a character came out of this series with their head still attached to their body, they got lucky), I just didn’t feel that the theme of this show fully corresponded with previous Netflix-Marvel productions, with relatively cheap, predictable humour and, at times, near-cringeworthy dialogue ruining the aura of the show.

Plus, what is with Marvel constantly bringing back people from the dead?! Just let a man stay dead once in a while! When one certain character ‘dies’ at the end of the series (I’ll let you find out who), I found myself checking further forward to see if they somehow miraculously survived – let’s just say I know Marvel too well..

Yet, while this three paragraph rant may well not be selling it to you right now, I can tell you that, for its faults, this was still a pretty entertaining series. While the first couple of episodes, understandably, drag, the show manages to develop a really interesting storyline – with the four protagonists’ battles versus The Hand providing some tense and really enjoyable moments. The Hand’s leader, Alexandra (played by the incredibly talented Sigourney Weaver), provides a refreshingly new angle for a Marvel antagonist, engaging in very little action – but still asserting her authority throughout the series.

Image result for the defenders gif

Alexandra’s protegee, Elektra/The Black Sky (played by Elodie Yung), is also one of the main highlights of this series. Elektra was insanely good in the second series of Daredevil, with her chilling behaviour and eerie ruthlessness genuinely scaring me at times. And she takes it up a level, at least in terms of her abilities, and provides some genuinely shocking twists throughout her journey. My only, relatively minor, complaint with Elektra is that her ultimate motives seem unclear, with the character seemingly going to extreme lengths without any real reason for doing so.

Finally, I do certainly believe that this show was most entertaining when the whole group was together. While some characters may be weaker than others, I think the cast created the perfect chemistry – providing a team bond based on genuine reluctance. The action is certainly best when everyone is involved, with Episode 3 (‘Worst Behaviour’) easily providing the best fight scene of the series. The difference in style of the characters works well, providing a nice mix of tension and qualities that leads to some really, really cool scenes.

Image result for the defenders gif

As such, I’d say that if you want to watch a cool, entertaining series, with decent action and an interesting storyline, then this is for you. But, ultimately, if – like me – you really love Marvel’s Netflix world, then I think you may be slightly underwhelmed with this one.

An entertaining series, but one that drifts slightly away from the grit of Marvel’s Netflix world. Image result for starImage result for starImage result for star

– G

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 6 – ‘Beyond the Wall’ Review


Game of Thrones S.7.6 Image

Remember a couple of episodes ago at 7×04 when I was baffled to how they were going to top ‘Spoils of War’ this season, well they did…Game of Thrones went and just did that with 7×06. This may have dethroned ‘Rains of Castamere’ as my favorite episode in Game of Thrones history, I’d have to sit down and have a full series rewatch to decide that, but this is close if not. If 3×09 was a master at unexpected deaths, twists and turns, then 7×06 is the master at building tension through the entirety of it’s episode, from start to finish I was quite literally on the edge of my seat, and felt every emotion possible watching this, I ask again, how can they top this?!

This episode focused completely on Jon and his merry men going beyond the wall and while we did cut back to Arya and Sansa this episode I don’t feel the need to talk about them here because they really didn’t stand out here and if anything was a bit of a damper on the episode, just Arya being a little salty at past events, which is understandable, it was going to be bought up at some point but just really didn’t care for it. No, this was Jon and Dany’s episode all the way, I won’t name everyone who accompanied Jon beyond the wall but they all played a huge part here, the writers did an excellent job of making each and every one of them feel needed.

GoT 3

So why are they beyond the wall in the first place? Well let me tell you, curious fellow. We’re here to capture a wight to take back to Cersai to prove that White Walkers exist, ultimately meaning ‘can we put aside this betrayal and scheming for for 5 seconds and deal with the real threat here’, unsure how Cersai will actually take that, but that’s for the finale. We knew from the preview of this episode that shit was going to go down eventually, and it did in a glorious way. After capturing their wight, Jon and his men are surrounded by wight’s and white walkers and are pretty much tasked with holding out until Dany can get there with her three dragons to save the day. So let the action commence, we get a 5 minute sequence of hand to hand combat and I couldn’t be happier for how it went down, we didn’t lose anyone major in this moment, just a few cannon fodder who were obviously there to die, but we had some close calls and I honestly didn’t know who was going to make it. This wasn’t a scene where I could sit back and relax being ‘oh they’ll all be safe’, because we know that is never the case with Game of Thrones, and it made this scene 10x more intense.

GoT 1

We’re then followed by Dany coming to save the day yet again, with her three dragons by her side, it was all going so smoothly, it was all going too easy though wasn’t it? Nobody major had died yet and the white walkers were getting mugged off if anything. I’d always called that a dragon was going to die eventually, maybe even two of them. So sadly it was time to see one of them go in this episode, and of course it was by the hands of The Knight King, really don’t understand why he didn’t aim that ice spear at Drogon but fair play to you dude. Seeing the dragon fall almost generated a tear in my eye, luckily he was the only major causality, yes we did have a couple of others including Uncle Benjin and the drunken priest but none hit has hard as that.

GoT 2

I could sit and talk about how cute Jon and Dany were together this episode too, but I don’t want to overwhelm you with how beautiful this episode actually was, lets just hope they have a cheeky kiss in the finale eh? Overall this was the best episode the season has offered us so far and probably the best of the series, I’ll get back to you on that one. Very curious what they’ll do to end next episode and then the long wait until the final season, RIP to all the MVP’s of this episode, you shall be missed.

Season 7 Episode 6 – ‘Beyond the Wall’ = 10/10 (obviously)

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 5 – ‘Eastwatch’ Review


It was going to be hard for Game of Thrones to top last weeks episode, I gave it a 10/10 rating and has already gone down as one of the greatest episodes in TV history. And while admittedly this episode wasn’t as strong as ‘Spoils of War’ it did have some very interesting stories making more development and characters we never would have thought meeting face to face…meeting face to face.

GoT 1

We’ll start with the earliest and one of the highlights of this entire episode but the MVP himself, Drogon, I’ve always had my ups and downs with Dany throughout the shown but it was about time she really made a dent in Caersai’s army and show her that she means business, she did that last episode and having used Drogon to do so it’s of no surprise to see some of the Lannister army bending the knee, half of them don’t even like the Queen. Although it was sad to see my boy Dickon take the brutal way out with his Father, death by fire, he went out like a complete boss and that poor boy shall be missed. Curious if peoples opinions o Dany will start to sway after this scene. We got even more Drogon this episode also, a cute moment between the dragon and Jon Snow may have been the best part of the episode for me, the scene took it’s time for it to really sink in what was happening, I’m glad Drogon seems to be okay for now but for how long is the question.

While on the subject of Dany, we had the return of Jorah which was another sweet moment to see happen this season, while it was short I’m glad they shared that moment before he left with Jon to go catch a White Walker, however that’ll work. Although I do have to say I like Jon and his merry crew of the brotherhood + The Hound, I’d kind of pieced together that they were to eventually to meet up from the trailer and premier episode. Someone I didn’t see joining this group however was Gendry! YES…GENDRY! He has returned from that long long journey of a rowing boat and damn is he a badass now. He was always a character that I loved and we’ve all been waiting for his return, here we have it, and he’s yielding a monster of a weapon this time. I’m hoping they don’t waste his character because I think he still has plenty to give, lucky for us here the writers are genius so we should be all good.

GoT 2

A few more things to note would be that Cersai is pregnant, because we all needed another incest baby, the difference here will be it’ll die before it’s even born, whos with me on that sad truth? Littlefinger is up to more mischief, he’s been fairly quiet this season but whatever he and Sansa may be up to can’t be good, with two episodes left this season, there is still time for damage to be done.

GoT 3

Overall this was an episode that moved those incredible stories forward a lot more, it didn’t waste any time with characters travelling from destination to destination, certain stories have taken a path which I never expected them to go down and I’m more than happy with that. There wasn’t much action here but that’s to be expected after such a huge episode prier to it. Still a great episode and lets be honest, the preview for episode 6 looks insane, winter is here my dear friends.

Season 7 Episode 5 – ‘Eastwatch’ – 8.1/10